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any road Super specialises in all types of SMSF administration, SMSF accounting and SMSF audit. I prefer to handle most tasks in-house.

Your work will never be outsourced overseas or to any other unsafe environment.

If you followed George Harrison, you might recall the line, "if you don't know where you're going...any road will take you there" from his song "anyroad"

That line resonated a chord with me as I often meet SMSF trustees who don't know where they are going and I see part of my role is to help them navigate the tax concessions and avoid the imposts that superannuation can bring.

I take great pride in knowing my clients really well. So, before any project starts I do a very thorough review of your available SMSF history and your SMSF ambitions. Knowing my clients 100%, I can come up with a SMSF pathway that leaves no room for errors or mistakes. I never stop helping you look for better SMSF outcomes.

Superannuation is like driving along a mountain road. Sunlight filters through the trees above, the wind rushes past your ear, the exhilaration ahead and the danger of the drop-off to the gully below. You need to know when to brake and when to accelerate. You need an experienced SMSF acccountant alongside to help you navigate the SMSF road ahead.

Phone now on 07 53137774 for an obligation free discussion on how your SMSF experience can be improved.

There is key information about you that makes mapping a SMSF pathway straight forward for an experienced SMSF professional. Amongst other things, that includes your age, wealth outside super, wealth inside super and whether working or not.
My ambition is to work in partnership with you and your advisers to obtain a better outcome than your current experience.
I draw on an extensive backgound in commercial accounting, ATO audit, public accounting, SMSF audit, and SMSF administration.


Service offering:

Complete end to end SMSF administration either direct to trustees or to financial service professionals.

"We have known Geoffrey and used Geoffrey's SMSF services since 1998. We have never been disappointed. He has turned a complex SMSF environment into an easy to live in space.We have now got a simple and easy to maintain SMSF solution that will serve us well in our retirement"

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Founder and SMSF artisté


Geoffrey was walking with Minnie along the off leash area North of Dicky Beach. Minnie rescued our soon to be pet guinea pig Brownie that day. Brownie has a deep sense of abandonment and gets lonely during the day, so Geoffrey works from home to keep Brownie company. All waking hours, Geoffrey and Brownie are on the the lookout for more SMSF's to to take care of.

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Business Development

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Minnie is concierge and head of the security department. She wants to be a flight attendant but hasn't reached the minimum height requirement just yet. You will often find Minnie enjoying a Grande Non-Fat No Whip Iced Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha at the cafe district in Moffat Beach. She loves visitors and enjoys her play dates with GiGi. Minnie had only had her Bronze Medallion for 2 weeks when she saw Brownie struggling to get to shore. Minnie grabbed a rescue tube and towed Brownie to safety earning a RSPCA bravery award. Minnie is always looking forward to her next clip at Caloundra's go to poodle pamperie!


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