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At the moment you don't have either the software,  experience or time to do SMSF accounts to your usual high standards.....don't worry.....that's about to change because....

I do! ...this will be just like having your own in-house SMSF expert.

You will become a big fish in a small pond!

You can be assured that I will treat your clients ambitions just as well as I treat my own.

(if needed for a larger project, I can put together  a larger team from a huge network of talented people that I can take in on short notice)

You might want me to remain in the background as a back office (white label) or you might want to introduce me to your client.

Whichever you prefer, you can be assured that the arrangement is supported by a customised services agreement that protects confidentiality of client records and goes a long way to preserve the relationship that you have with your client.

I take great pride in knowing my clients really well. So, before any project starts I do a very thorough review of the client SMSF history and SMSF ambitions. Knowing my clients 100%, I can come up with a SMSF pathway that leaves no room for errors or mistakes. I never stop helping you look for better SMSF outcomes.


I respect your privacy...none of these form fields are compulsory.......fill in as much (or as little as you feel comfortable with)....be brave and at least let me have a first name, brief message (or long message) and at least one way to contact you

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