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"Geoffrey epitomises what a true SMSF professional is. His strategic thinking accompanies a healthy respect for the superannuation law. The quality of his SMSF accounts are first class. His clients can have comfort in the knowledge that he undertakes his work diligently whilst looking for better client results." Heath Griffiths, Quay SMSF Audits http://www.quaysmsf.com.au/

"I have been providing SMSF actuarial services to Geoffrey for over 10 years now, way back to the halcyon days of SMSF defined benefit pensions. He has a deep understanding of SMSF income streams that only an industry veteran could have. I'm confident that his clients enjoy the fruits of his knowledge leading to better client outcomes." (Name of Actuarial Services provider)

We interviewed a number of SMSF administrators including Geoffrey. Some were ridiculously cheap and we were left wondering what the real costs could be to productivity. Geoffrey displays the right amount of insight into identifying what needs to be provided to get the work done accurately....many jobs are completed in one pass through...others he will identify the right questions straight up which means all jobs get completed in 2 or less passes....oh yes..he doesn't ask for the same document more than once! That's a real time-saver on our end.

I worked for Geoff from 2008 through to 2016. He gave me an effective SMSF accounting tool-kit that had me punching through up to 100 SMSF's per year with no administration support. His client service focus is a good fit for those that enjoy his depth of understanding and caring.

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