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Double Dip, Triple Dip, Cherry Picking, Tontine, Loan Back, Forfeiture, Pillow stuffing , Controller Contribution, Contributions Reserving, Loss contribution Fund, Surcharge Reserving,'s all jargon but they represent a selection of a few of the strategic and in some case over ambitious attempts  I have seen to drive even more out of the superannuation environment. Some have even been out-lawed so be careful! Whether you have an appetite for risk or prefer the safer well-trodden road, I'll show you the options so that you do have the choice. I wish I had an extra dollar for every time I heard a SMSF trustee say "no-one ever told me that before!"

There is still a wide range of common, safe and accepted strategy available for you. Often that strategy goes unimplemented because no-one took the time to review your position. Get your position reviewed for opportunities now. I never stop helping you look for better SMSF outcomes.

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