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Money Out

You want to take money out of your SMSF, right? A super pension? an income stream? a lump sum? Here's where you get a better understanding of the phrase "condition of release"

Now, I could put down here all the possible "conditions of release" That would be repeating what the ATO says click this: Some of what the ATO says

But you need an experienced superannuation professional to examine your position and show you where the opportunities are. The age 60 condition of release is an example of where there is a quirk in the law which just might assist you.....but the complexity of it means that you are unlikely to find the detail anywhere on the web.

Ring now and ask which "condition of release" suits your circumstances.

I take great pride in knowing my clients really well. So, before any project starts I do a very thorough review of your SMSF history and SMSF ambitions. Knowing my clients 100%, I can come up with a SMSF pathway that leaves no room for errors or mistakes. I never stop helping you look for better SMSF outcomes.

Getting it wrong can have awful consequences...extra tax to pay, ATO fines, Get an experienced professional on your team that can help you.

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