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Money In

You need money in your SMSF right?

Here are the common ways to get wealth/money into a SMSF:


You have existing superannuation and you want to transfer all or some of it to your new SMSF? That process is known as a rollover.

You have already considered exit fees, the loss of valuable insurance cover (you may have decided to leave a sum behind in the exit fund to continue to fund insurance) and you have considered the fees/charge/earnings in the exit fund and what you believe you can achieve in  your new SMSF. That decision (to establish a SMSF or rollover Superannuation to your new SMSF is your decision and something that I have not influenced you with.

Contact your exit superannuation fund and establish what the process is. Find out the likely period of time that is involved.


Concessional? Non-concessional? Employer? Member? .... a whole new language for the uninitiated. Let me have the pleasure of showing you the pathway through the jargon and into easy to understand concepts. You feel like you are blindfolded and yet want to move ahead? There's a superannuation minefield in front of you. Let me be your eyes and guide you. I'll help you to safely tread the minefield so that your goals aren't frustrated because you stepped forward into danger instead of sideways along the safer path.

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